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When you need a product or series photographed please take a look at my work.

When I started in product photography we used big cameras that took individual sheets of film. The film was very expensive and we would load these sheets of film into holders in a darkroom. To get an idea of what the final picture would look like we would slip in a Polaroid film holder and the little Polaroid picture would guide us to what we liked and did not like. Many times it could take 5 or 6 Polaroids to insure the film would be a success. Remember we didn’t see the results until the film came back from the processor…

We also had an advantage in the product photography studio cameras could articulate by means of a hinged front and back. This allowed an experienced photographer to control the depth of focus and perspective without digital retouching.

It took a long time to learn these techniques and today we have tilt and shift lenses for our digital cameras that allow expert photographers to get the same results instantly with digital SLR cameras.

I use the Hartblei/Zeiss tilt shift lenses from Germany and I am the only American photographer featured on the Zeiss/Hartblei website in Germany!

Gene Smith Photography in Germany

Using these specialized lenses and professional lighting allows me to make the expert product photos seen here. Please take a look and if you like what you see please contact me.


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