Landscape Architecture

Outdoor patio with kitchen, lounge and fire pit table.
Hot muffins straight from the oven cool in their pan on a wire rack.
Rear entrance to a Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
Two white ducks lead parade across dyed concrete driveway
Bowl of Lemon Dip garnished with lemon wedge and mint
Hot Tub and swimming pool
Pretty waterfal cascades into secluded swimming pool at edge of forrest.
Urban courtyard greek style made from dyed concrete
Classic Quaker architecture with classic real blue stone student courtyard.
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Working with top pool, landscape and hardscaping manufacturers for their advertising photography is another specialty of mine. I fabricated an overhead photography system that allows high resolution overhead pictures without trucks, ladders, drones or lifts that can damage property.

This system is fast and enables bird’s eye views up to thirty feet over pools, spas, green roofs and any other difficult to photograph subjects.

Imagine never before possible views made quickly and safely without danger to people or property.

Personal Work