Group Portrait Photography

Executive group photo on location for Smith Barney
New minority CPA firm Horsey Buckner & Heffler, LLP and Heffler, Radetich & Saitta, LLP principals.
Children's portrait outdoors.
Outdoor family portrait at vacation home at seashore
Large group of employees of Smith Publicity pose in front of their headquarters.
Surgeon points out goals in surgery on projection screen.
Large group of business people photographed for website.
Extended family photographed in a relaxed setting at Cape May,Nj vacation
Family portrait of children outdoors.
Teenagers dance at birthday party
Grandchildren family portrait at Thanksgiving dinner
Diverse group of eight executives meet in conference room.
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Group portrait photography seems simple enough, after all who hasn’t ‘taken’ a group photo. The truth is, group photos are some of the most challenging portraits. Different people have vastly different characteristics, and who hasn’t struggled with posing a group. It is no accident when a group photo looks organized and everyone looks their best.  So many times a lovely group portrait is ruined by one of the subjects not looking their best. As you can probably guess after photographing hundreds of groups big and small I’ve learned a thing or two about holding a groups attention and making the shot. I use a classical posing style that has been proven over the centuries in both painting and photography. When you have a situation where distant or busy folks gather please remember me. Too often I hear “Oh I wish I had thought to call you”- sadly after the opportunity has been lost. When you need a group photo please think of me.

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