Architectural Exteriors

Fish Fin shaped building entrance
This unusual design is for the Scripps Marine Institute. It was created to look like a fish’s fin.
Granite stone suspension bridge 'anchor' of Ben Franklin Bridge Phila. PA
I made this photo of the Ben Franklin Bridge anchorage (land based anchor to bridge). It was made from quite a distance from the bridge with a long lens to show this unique perspective.
glass reflects sky off REVEL Casino in Atlantic City,nj
Atlantic City’s Ocean Casino Resort
Rear entrance to a Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
This exterior photo was made as part of a series for Marriott Hotel advertising. It was used for advertising worldwide.
Atlantic City's multi billion dollar White Elephant REVEL Casino now rots empty.
I made this photo from a yacht in Absecon Inlet. A time exposure on a rocking boat has particular challenges…
Masonic Temple in Alexandria VA
I made this photo while on assignment in Alexandria, VA. The very long perspective showcases this building.
Township library
Cherry Hill’s new ‘free’ library.
This photo was made for a regional law firm to show its new office complex. The photo was mede with my overhead photograph system I use to get these “second story” views. This system does not require lifts, ladders, drones, or other equipment that may require permits and can damage property.
Classic Quaker architecture with classic real blue stone student courtyard.
New Heated Bluestone Courtyard, Friends School, Moorestown, NJ by Jefferson Moon AIA.
Nicely designed entranceway
Architect Robert A. M. Stern's Comcast corporate center, Philadelphia, PA
This photo demonstrates an architecturally correct rendering of a skyscraper photograph.
The perspective is correct and the photo is one any architect could be proud of.
I use special tilt/shift lenses to make these photos.
The crystal clear atmosphere is a result of the eight degree Fahrenheit temperature that February morning.

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Our exterior photography consistently wins awards for our clients.

I’ve have worked with architects, builders, construction companies, manufacturers, commercial and residential realtors, investors and magazines to showcase fine design, innovative products and services. My background in advertising photography enables me to bring excitement to my architectural photography and that creates desire.

I can provide strict “architecturally correct” exterior photos or a more exciting styled photo illustration. My styled photo illustrations are more modern looking than the standard “muffin-top” architecturally correct renderings of tall buildings. The choice is yours, and as I like to say, “Lets try it both ways.”

My work is published in magazines all the time and not only in architecturally centered media but consumer magazines as well. When you want your projects featured in magazines I know how to create images that interest editors to get your work published.

I use the world’s premiere tilt and shift architectural lenses from Canon and Hartblei/Zeiss in Germany. These lenses use the same Scheimpflug Principle Ansel Adams and other masters of their craft used to control perspective and focus with there View Cameras.

I am the only American architectural photographer with the Zeiss/Hartblei Optics company endorsement from Germany.

With these skills, techniques, and modern Tilt/Shift lenses I am able to make architecturally correct and pleasing images without resorting to digital distortions that degrade the final picture.

Now you know all you need to know about photographing Architectural Exterior photography…

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